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Hike in 2012Joining 10th Chippenham Air Scouts is easy! Register your interest by using the form on the 10th Chippenham Group website at http://www.10thchippenham.co.uk/join.htm. A leader will contact you to confirm your interest and will provide you with the information you need.

Canoeing during the 2013 summer camp

Sometimes sections of the group are oversubscribed. So, in order to provide a fair system to young people, 10th Chippenham Scout Group operates a waiting list system. Parents can place their child onto the list and be notified when a place becomes available. Note that young people already in the group and having reached their "moving on" age have priority when places becomes available in the next section up. Similarly, leaders' children have priority when places become available.

Climbing in 2012

When you join, you will need to fill a Scout Information Form (Word).

10th Chippenham Scout Group subcriptions are due 3 times a year in September, January and April. For the financial year 2016/2017, subs are set at £35 per term per young person (£30 per term per young person for beavers). Please opt into Gift Aid if you can. This allows the group to claim 25p for every pound paid from the Government at no expense to you or us. Opting in is really easy: print and fill this formthen hand it over to a leader. As simple as that!

Gliding in 2013 at Bannerdown Gliding Club